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Mission & Vision

Chicago Dyke March Collective is a grassroots mobilization and celebration of dyke, queer, bisexual, and transgender resilience. It is an anti-racist, anti-violent, volunteer-led, grassroots effort with a goal to bridge together communities across race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, age, size, gender identity, gender expression, sexuality, culture, immigrant status, spirituality, and ability. We challenge fatphobia and are body positive.

Chicago Dyke March Collective là một động cơ sở và cử hành đê, đồng tính, lưỡng tính, chuyển đổi giới tính và khả năng phục hồi. Nó là chống kị thị chủng tộc, chống bạo lực, tình nguyện dẫn, cơ sở nỗ lực chống phân biệt chủng tộc với mục tiêu làm cầu nối cùng cộng đồng trên chủng tộc, dân tộc, tình trạng kinh tế xã hội, tuổi tác, kích thước, giới tính, biểu hiện giới tính, tình dục, văn hóa, tình trạng nhập cư, tâm linh, và khả năng.

What is a Dyke?

We are aware that the word “dyke” has a history of being a pejorative term, and may be perceived as offensive. We use this word as a way of reclaiming a term that historically has been used against us. Dyke March choses to use the word “dyke” as a politicized, empowering and reclaimed word, and as an umbrella term for women who have relationships with other women, exclusively or not.

Chúng tôi biết rằng từ “đê” có một lịch sử là một thuật ngữ miệt thị, và có thể được coi là cuộc tấn công. Chúng tôi sử dụng từ này như một cách để lấy lại một thuật ngữ lịch sử đã được sử dụng chống lại chúng tôi. Đê tháng choses để sử dụng từ “đê” như một chính trị, nâng cao vị thế và khai hoang từ, và như một thuật ngữ chung cho những phụ nữ có mối quan hệ với người phụ nữ khác, độc quyền hay không.

This said, we are currently having a continuous conversation about what using these words means for reaching the communities that are most under-represented, specifically low-income and communities of color.

Feel free to give us feedback on this subject, and take a look at resources about this issue below:

Sticks and Stones and Dykes, In These Times (http://www.inthesetimes.com/article/2703/sticks_stones_and_dykes/)
Use of the Term Dyke (http://userpages.umbc.edu/~korenman/wmst/dyke.html)

Who is the Chicago Dyke March Collective and how do I join?

The Collective is an all volunteer group of people who have dedicated themselves to commit to the success of organizing the annual Chicago Dyke March. We use our diverse skills, experience, talents, backgrounds, and networks. We use consensus decision-making and are intentional in our thought and behavior.

Typically in late summer, the Collective looks at people who have showed interest and have been part of the March in some way or form. Perhaps they volunteered as a Safety Marshal? Maybe the helped do outreach in the neighborhood? Then, discuss with the current Collective and the potential Collective members the process to move them into the Collective.

Our History

Since 1996, community organizers and activists have organized the annual Chicago Dyke March on the last Saturday in June. For many years, the March was held on the north side in the neighborhood of Andersonville and Edgewater. Then, in 2008, the Collective decided to “move” to other neighborhoods to raise dyke visibility. This was a big decision and the Collective didn’t take it lightly. The moving idea was to celebrate and support dykes in all parts of Chicago.

  • Previously – Andersonville
  • June 2008 and 2009 – Pilsen neighborhood
  • June 2010 and 2011 – South Shore
  • June 2012 and 2013 – Argyle/Uptown

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