#byeanita #alvarezmustgo

From the Chicago Dyke March Collective:

Dear Dyke March Community,

While the Chicago Dyke March itself happens for only one day, we hope that the dyke, queer, bi and trans resilience we celebrate in June moves our community throughout the year. As a collective, we are calling on you at this time to act in solidarity with the Black, queer, and women organizers who have led efforts and risked their own safety in order to ensure that Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez does NOT get re-elected to another term.

We don’t often invest in elections, and we know that having a different State’s Attorney in office will not transform an inherently racist and violent criminal legal system. We need to create new systems of relating to each other and holding each other accountable. But, we see getting Anita Alvarez out of office as a measure of harm reduction, as her rule over the State’s Attorney’s office has been particularly devastating to Black and Brown people.

When it comes to civilians, Anita Alvarez is eager to punish, and her office is known for defending wrongful convictions. This is true even when those convictions were based on confessions made under torture, and even when DNA evidence goes against those convictions. Her office once demoted a prosecutor for dropping charges against eight young Black women who were wrongfully charged with mugging a person. While in office, she has contributed to the hyperincarceration of Black people; while less than 30% of people in Cook County are Black, more than 70% of the people incarcerated in Cook County Jail are Black.

While Anita Alvarez is eager to punish civilians, she refuses to hold police officers accountable for their violence. Mischarging the officer who murdered Rekia Boyd and waiting over 400 days to charge the officer who murdered Laquan McDonald are only two examples of her consistent failure to properly charge CPD officers for misconduct, torture, and murder. Her office has also chosen to prosecute victims of domestic violence who report police misconduct in order to protect CPD.

We know that our Dyke March community includes not only people who live in Chicago, but also people who live in the Chicago suburbs and beyond. If you can vote in Cook County, please vote to make sure that Anita Alvarez does NOT get elected to another term. And, whether or not you can vote in Cook County, please get the word out to everyone that Anita Alvarez has got to go.

For those in our Dyke March community who are White, these are small acts that you can do in solidarity with Black and Brown queer and trans folks who are targeted daily by the violence of the criminal legal system that takes lives, tears families and communities apart, and makes us all less safe.

Join us in saying ‪#‎ByeAnita‬ and ‪#‎AlvarezMustGo‬

In solidarity,

The Chicago Dyke March Collective

For more info on why #AlvarezMustGo :


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