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One of the most important pieces of the Chicago Dyke March is engaging with the neighborhood community. The Collective members brainstorm creatively and with intention about how to introduce the Dyke March to business owners, community organizations, and residents.

This year, for our twentieth anniversary, we will be staying in and doing intentional outreach efforts in Humboldt Park.

We will continue to provide updates on outreach opportunities and events. As well, as community events that are taking place in the neighborhood.

DYKE MARCH 2016 in Humboldt Park!

Please let us know if you’d like to volunteer for some community outreach or some suggestions for outreach opportunities, please contact us by sending us a message at

4 thoughts on “Community Outreach

    • chicagodykemarch says:

      Hey there, sorry we just saw this! We actually just hosted a couple open meetings for people of color interested in getting involved in joining the collective, and we’re ALWAYS looking for volunteers 🙂 If you’re still interested, please email us directly at and we’ll be sure to respond with a few ways you can organize with us! Thanks for reaching out!

    • chicagodykemarch says:

      Our amazing core organizers are on it! We’ll be releasing more information soon about this year’s march–be sure to check out our Facebook (first), Twitter, and/or Instagram for the most up to date information!

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