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Support the 20th Anniversary Chicago Dyke March:

The Chicago Dyke March Collective  is volunteer run and led and does not have any paid staff.  The Chicago Dyke March Collective relies purely on grassroots fundraising and support efforts. In order to keep the Dyke March free and accessible to everyone (i.e., not charging any registration fee), we accept individual, institutional, and in-kind donations. We always are looking for ways to partner and collaborate in order to keep costs low.

In preparation for this fabulous and fierce event we are trying our hardest to raise enough money to pay for our stage and sound system, which have nearly doubled in cost since last year, as well as permits, vendors, and other city costs.

Our fundraising efforts  make sure all Dyke March costs are covered as well as pay our amazing performers/DJ’s at our other fundraising events and day of the march.

Please consider making whatever donation you can to the Dyke March. All proceeds go to the various permits and logistics of the March.

WE urge you to DONATE! We need your support to make this year happen!

Send as much or as little as you can to our email address on Paypal –

THANK YOU for your continued support to the many businesses, individual donations, organizations, and volunteers that help make this event a success every year!

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